Hungry Shark World - ATE DAYS -

Hungry Shark World – ATE DAYS

Hungry Shark
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We celebrated 8 awesome years of Hungry Shark with ATE DAYS of the most EPIC daily contests EVERRR!!!

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  1. will you break the mosasaurus pack for free

  2. I want big great white shark and megalodon

  3. Como que ganha diamante sem raquiar o ungue sharque

  4. Holy crad that biggest megalodon oh he no

  5. Can u made that hungry shark world in mobile be looks like the old version + can you add evil basking shark, evil porbeagle, evil spike, evil heidi,evil sand shark, evil drago, evil echo, enemy mr snappy, enemy buzz, enemy zombie shark,enemy robo shark + make eating like the old version and make the graphic like the old version pls

  6. why erveryone have zombie sharon

  7. Black Magic Shark: So you haven’t chosen PEACE

  8. Dark magic shark: well well well I will ruin the whole game

  9. ATE DAYS 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂 it is 8 DAYS😂🤣

  10. Dark magic shark: imma bout to ends these sharks career's

  11. The dark magic can do lasers beam he is a beast

  12. Im with atomic, killer whale and robo shark

  13. Mecha sharkjira: this hungry family will be ruined.after: i give up i join the family

  14. I don’t think hungry shark world is 8 days old

  15. Ah yes Og players will shall remember that meg was the first large shark

  16. i remeber when the times where great white was the most op and megladon was new

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