Hungry Shark World | Arctic Apocalypse (Release Trailer) -

Hungry Shark World | Arctic Apocalypse (Release Trailer)

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Shin Sharkjira has risen as apocalypse looms over the Arctic Ocean in our big new update. It’s time to unlock the BIGGEST shark in Hungry Shark World, take on fresh challenges in the new Extinction map and experience brand new mutations!

Hungry Shark World is out now and free to download. Experience the new update today! –

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  1. 800 health 1000 boost 999 speed and 799 bite

  2. I love this game so much I have shin sharkrija btw

  3. 2 things I can't get in my old account second That's the undead sharkjira u can see the Chest opening from mechjirs

  4. This is one of the best games in my opinion, keep it up!


  6. I didnt know why mecha sharkjira has lot health then shin sharkjira even health of shin sharkjira is max

  7. Can you hook me up with Mecha Sharkjira please

  8. Shin sharkzilla in hungry shark world switch please 🤩

  9. If only our boy Shin was in red instead of blue…. 😔

  10. I have a Fanmade sharks Lars the Liopriedon shark Ability to Snap his mega Stunning Waterquake Light Magic shark Ability to Shot Yellow White eye beams Great black shark(Mutant Great white) ability to use his Shinning Explosion Scorpius Shark (hybrid) ability to shake his body like a dog and shots Poison sting

    Edit:But there's just one thing The MechaSharkjira is coming back as a mutant Next video

  11. Uwow after i tried artic apocalypse it feel like real chaos and fun 🙂

    Keep updating 🔥

  12. Once that update of the Artic on extinction mode the NPC on both normal and extinction mode unless if human invasion, but this annoying bird is keeping make noises on all of the maps, no music for the maps, atomic shark sound effects when switching sharks, the result music either, PLEASE FIX THIS UBISOFT!

  13. Add thermo Godzilla to hungry shark world pls lol do it 🥺

  14. You know one day you could make a hungry shark movie it would be epic

  15. I had an account on it dark magic shark and megaldon and I lost it how to get my account back

  16. Just too note Godzilla cannot use it’s atomic breath in water

  17. Mecha sharkija : i have kill you and how dis you surive?

  18. Next extinction mode:
    Toxic arabian sea
    Doomsday South China sea

  19. Darn it fgol I came to escape reality not be reminded by global warming

  20. could bring a pvp system to the game. Want to add more sharks?

  21. What are those stone: Red, Green and Yellow?

  22. ubisoft add purple atomic breath (also red) and back lasers definetely back lasers

  23. Please make a co-op or online mode, nothing would make me happier to drop into hungry shark with the boys.

  24. Now add mecha sharkzilla glutwell skin just black and red

  25. Are you gonna Add the Arabian sea to extinction mode?

  26. This is so far the best in the game why? Because it is.

  27. Eu acho que na capa do vídeo aparece o mecha sharkigira eu acho que e um stereg do mecha Godzilla todos sabem que o sharkigira parece muito o Godzilla

  28. Yes keep updating hungry shark word cuz it was really jawfun and a really pog game shin godzillian ultimate level 3 is so insane the colldown is not long very fast

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