Hungry Shark World - All Sharks Supersized (Pacific Islands) -

Hungry Shark World – All Sharks Supersized (Pacific Islands)

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  1. What kind of seizure is that

  2. I like how reef shark when hungry grows only a snitch little bigger than great white
    But when great white is hungry he’s a man of his word and grows into a big ass sharp teeth

  3. The great white turns into a megalodon lol

  4. yo boy asta el bokiancho orita 25 de MARZO ALB

  5. 1:23 I love it how the porbeagle got mega rush AND super sized

  6. 得古古怪怪孤魂野鬼通过恢复的话

  7. I got the meltdown shark and I became HUGEEE BRO

  8. when supersized you can eat shoals of fish much faster. kinda

  9. LuminiteShark5.8&MechaSharkjira8.3&ShinSharkjiraV9 says:

    i got 189.000 scored when i used an XS shark

  10. Hola buenas tardes le envio el comentario

  11. while supersized you can score a lot of points in a matter of seconds

  12. I'm playing hungry shark wold whale shark I'm max 5r 4rk

  13. Great white: what is that.. a oversized shark! WAIT A OVER SIZED HELP-
    Shark: yommy 🙂

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