Hungry Shark World - Air Expansion -

Hungry Shark World – Air Expansion

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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Be ready for a rocket-fuelled new update! The brand new Air Expansion introduces the Jetpack, opening a wide scope of possibilities for epic air frenzy and never-ending takeover of the Arabian, Arctic and Pacific skies!

Stay tuned for more exciting content flying your way!


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  1. FGOL my game won't load if you fix it you owe me 25 gems 20000 coins,Phil, and the killer whale

  2. Ooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuu 😃👆👍👏✌👌

  3. Why did they make the killer whale free Willy? (Curved dorsal fin)

  4. I love this game Im big fan of hungry shark world and evolution 🙂

  5. how come smooth hammer head shark has 2 dorsal fins.

  6. ()0432$/^*((((((((((((((9999((((9909990996432221122#'''''''"^^*8


  7. 0:23 Jesus Christ, I always forget how huge the drones used to be.

  8. R.I.P Great whit shark 1960-2010
    R.I.P Hmmer head 2001-2020

  9. TheEnderSlender800 and TheEnderSlender500 says:

    0:15 White Tip Reef Has A Jetpack.

  10. Thank you hungry shark I miss you so much

  11. Hanglider: FAIL
    Wooden plane: FAIL
    Jet pack: PERFECT 👌

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