Hungry Shark World | Abyssal Shark: Elemental Mastery -

Hungry Shark World | Abyssal Shark: Elemental Mastery

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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Take control of fire and ice with Abyssal Shark’s magical ability – Elemental Mastery!

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  1. honestly this is very disappointing i thought this new shark can beat cosmic Alan apparently can't beat cosmic Alan still invincible i am very disappointed but i will buy anyway
    Its for my personal collection although I'm still disappointed with this update next update please make a shark that can beat cosmic Alan

  2. My momy dir no let me buy ofert mechasharkjira for 78,90. 1 ofert mecha sharkjira please

  3. Can you give the big momma dunkleosteus like the thing the the big daddy has in hungry shark evolution

  4. I hope my mum doesn’t kill me from spending moeny for you lol

  5. Hello Ubisoft just wanted to say if they can fix a problem I do not know if it is gemfish when you eat them you are supposed to give you the gem but does not give it

  6. I have a suggestion for a new shark how about a shark that’s like Superman it’s invincible to all enemies but still dies of hunger and there’s a new fish or creature that when eaten by this Superman shark it’ll hurt the Superman

  7. Could yall stop updating world and put some love into evolution

  8. Put a shark with 3 heasds and tentscles on the fins

  9. It will be that we can talk about a new shark

  10. And 3 New sharks please please please please please

  11. This game is insane(well i came here for the diamonds)

  12. Awesome but I really want him even tho I'm not that good 😕

  13. Can you do new shark evolution
    I really want the game and keep up with the great work

  14. fix the glitch where u dont get gems from gem fish

  15. It's almost been 2 weeks since this update was released

  16. Oye por qué no pones ese mapa de Bay en cada week shark

  17. FGOL, and Ubisoft, I have a message for you.
    this is a really long journey. This all started when you made the pixel game series of 3 parts, and an eerie, creepy pixel game based off of hungry shark night, Hungry shark evolution, is what made MY childhood, what made most of OUR childhood, same goes to hungry shark world. I'm happy that this happened, and that after all these years, you still develop the game, the game is still thriving, and I love to see that, Thank You!
    Edit : Also I love the abyssal shark, it's cool but I don't have it, my best shark is currently only the regular zombie shark, but I'll keep grinding.

  18. I wish I could participate in HUNGRY SHARK because I have a lot of imagination 🙁

  19. Wow this is a cool shark i wanna get him but right now im using whale shark also i am a big fan hsw !

  20. Se me ocurre una idea para hungry shark world añadir el modo multijugador y un modo 3D y tambien la que regresen los tiburones que no se alla podido consegir y buelban en mes por mes y masss mapas porfa agan esto en una actualisacion

  21. Awesome shark! May I suggest a future mutated Apex Pyro Shark? 🦈🔥

  22. 2 years ago we had abysshark, 1 year ago we had abyssaurus and now we have abyssal shark
    what's next? shabyss?

  23. Enviame 8.000 perlas Para mí Hungry Shark world 🎮

  24. Please fix the zoom cam on android): it disappeared and I would gladly repurchase but it dissappeared

  25. you know the truth I did not stay very well to see the design of abyssal nor that of sharkjira also simply abyssal is the same shark…Please UBISOFTf FGL improve Shin sharkjira, it would be better if they gave him a zombie touch, right? And a question how the hell did sharkjira revive🙃🙂

  26. Hey Ubisoft can you add like a swimming dino like spinosaurus I love dinosaurs and I love your games pls try to add I am always fan of your artwork

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