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this is all hungry shark evolution size comparison video newest 2022. including new shark Behemoth (kaiju beast)
keep watching guys!

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Hungry Shark Evolution is an exciting aquatic adventure. Hungry Shark Evolution features a diverse range of aquatic creatures, different currencies and a wide range of treasures to be found. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new sharks, fight a boss, and encounter even more weird and wonderful creatures.

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  1. This is my childhood 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. What j find funny from this is the human enters the mouth and when the shark passes the human comes out from right under the tail.

  3. Yo I grind so hard when abby had a discount then I bought the gems I need and I have abbyshark. Noice

  4. My first encounter with behemoth was I was grind ing with abbyshark then metor rain from the sky o was like what the fuck then the metor killed me

  5. Sharkjira is the biggest. The sizes displayed by the game are wrong. Level 20 sharkjira literally takes up almost the whole screen even with the 55% added camera size.


  7. Dude, hearing that menu music was so nostalgic

  8. Is it weird that I have all the sharks up to big daddy including sharkhan and dark hammer but I also have kraken lmao

  9. lets just clear the fact

    how does their stomach work

  10. Porque los tiburones son muy grandes en la vida real son un poco pequeños

  11. i still remember the oldest version of this game and the best and oldest one is great white shark obivusly guys

  12. One thing for all the people who wish Sharkjira was actually scaled, if that were to happen he would be too big and you would be stuck on land and only on land, and an ironic thing is, Behemoth during gameplay is only around the size of his foot from the movie

  13. Fun fact, 3 divers in both Hungry Shark Evo and World are scary af, My frenzy gets wrecked by 3 because of their mf stupid ass stun and they just pot shot me.

  14. I remember when Megalodon was newly released In game. Was so Excited when I unlocked his stone

  15. I guess fireworks are actually good but i don't use it becouse of its sound
    Suu suu all time on ear
    There should be an option of muting the sound of fireworks 🤣

  16. Havent seen this game in a good while, the User interface looks WAY different

  17. Me parece raro que Moby Dick sea tan pequeño

  18. Cool video you done a top Job there mate 👍

  19. The Designs of this game is what makes me Mesmarized

  20. Is darkhammer better than great white

  21. This video reminded me that the evolution sharks are much bigger than the world sharks

  22. Un humano de 2 metros sólo boika puede contra Martín ford

  23. Wish Evolution got this many good sharks.

  24. Still, Sharkjira is best shark when it comes to grinding.

  25. Ok but, your measurements are a bit wrong, such proportions are not equivalent to some animals!!

  26. Megaladon in the game: ,,one of the weakest sharks,,
    Megaladon in real life: .-. ,,THATS A HUGE BITCH,,

  27. Wow, they’ve added tons of sharks…

  28. I dominate this game lol where all my victims at!

  29. Me casually chilling out in a beach until a shark with arms crawls up to me shooting laser out of its eyes.
    Yup the nightmare fuel I just needed.
    And I used to be a kid who refused to swim coz there was a "shark" in the swimming pool 😂😂😂😂

  30. I'm not an og as to play when megalodon was the best or big daddy for me it was the one just after ^^

  31. All these ridiculous sharks that came out after megalodon was straight up trash not to mention expensive asf

  32. That scuba man wants to shit himself lol.

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