how to unlock Mr snappy for free in hungry shark world -

how to unlock Mr snappy for free in hungry shark world

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  1. I have megalodon and big momma and atomic shark and buzz and zombie shark and Mr snappy and also dark magic shark and cosmic Alan from a 66% discount

  2. The teeth spawn in the same place every time so it’s really easy to get mr snappy

  3. Nah bro I unlocked all sharks bc of happymod people who use happymod👇

  4. I have all !! Sharks ancheint megalodon alpha zombie shark meltdown shark shin sharkjira cosmic Alan and mighty Matriarch and I am working on quantum shark

  5. I just don't have two sharks(no hack)

  6. Can u still get me snappy cuz it don’t show up for me I’m hungry shark world

  7. For free you need to pay coins to get it😂

  8. I have mr snappy and alll of the sharks in the game and atomic sharks!

  9. I have meltdown shark for I think -66% discount

  10. i’m missing four sharks then i have every shark

  11. Guys do mosa got deleted? Cuz when I deleted the app for 2 years and then when I downloaded the game again I didn’t find the mosa

  12. I have mr snappy, buzz, big momma, ROBO shark, etc

  13. I have big momma and i used to have meltdown but now I don’t and i have megaldawn and the frenzy and the cosmic alan and the great white shark

  14. I have mr snappy in hungry shark world and i used to have mr snappy in hungry shark evolution i accidentally deleted the app so i restarted and i have a hammerhead now

  15. I have the frenzy in hungry shard and 89,500 billion

  16. I have meltdown shark in Hungry shark world

  17. I have meltdown shark, big momma and frenzy in the game

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