How To Make A Portal To The Hungry Shark World in Minecraft ! -

How To Make A Portal To The Hungry Shark World in Minecraft !

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  1. tá na cara isso é falso essa dimensão não é oficial e ela nen existe esse vídeo e falso esse portal e do the end mas só tá com lã

  2. se fosse oficial teria um trailer no YouTube mas não tem

  3. Fakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Quem é o idiota que faz esse conteúdo?

  4. Jeyanhg❤️🎉🙏🎉👍👍👍 di 😭🙏😀hd hp dkjsjdjjhdhjdjdhfbdjksebrvdjksnwbejanbwuwbwjekenekenrjekn4jebejneianao372oba83bd82jve939y39217192738649264836783619uejfncnnxidnxknalmnxnmxkrbjury to help 😀🙏yth 7🙏😎 untuk hfut👍😎urhhfjcjos7 svsvhsbna8eh ebndjjxmkAkkmmmmmsmamsmmrmrmamme….e.w.e..w.e..w.e.e.e..e.eee..e..a,.mrmme.e..r.r..rmrmr..rmrmmrmrmmr.r.r..r.rmrmmr.r.r.sjajjwhoeb3isbeb ia xbdjhrbbrhbrjrbrhieg 3hbr82hhdjdhehe🎉 di 😎🙏bhhd8d 6e7dhdbxbshsjdjjdjd😀 7dhd8j3d

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  6. Don't work a single bit clickbate F.A.K.E. I hate it. Dislike for you. 😡

  7. I know this is fake.why first vid part
    Is flat world right
    And he make a portal
    And go in
    And it turn to not flat world
    And he make the dolphin texture pack in to shark texture pack
    This is dum shit…

    KIDS : Lets try this
    Parents : Lets find this mod

  9. Fake i tried 34 version of mc and it doesn't works and the shark is dolphin it just addoned ill un sub

  10. Fvck off, I don't want that clickbait video.🤬😒❌⛏

  11. I wish you put a link on the description to download the mod and add-on

  12. Funk this hell this is not real

  13. အပြင်မှာရှိလို့လား Kyi says:



  15. fake video
    It will only teleport to end
    I have tried many things like this
    he is commands or mods
    I think he has edited
    because I always try such things and fail
    I hate your video.

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  17. 三年级甲组Ong Hector Iosef 王明逸 says:

    100%not like hungry shark world

  18. Do not believe its just a mod

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