How to earn pearls in Hungry Shark World -

How to earn pearls in Hungry Shark World

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In this video i will show you what is the most efficient way to earn pearls in Hungry Shark World (in my opinion)
you can choose two map to earn pearls
Pacific Wasteland and Arctic Apocalypse
Pacific Wasteland is the easier map, you can earn more pearls on Arctic Apocalypse but its pretty hard and i always dies at the end and i must pay gems or watch ad to survive the extinction.
in Pacific Wasteland you will earn at least 100 gems and on Arctic Apocalypse at least 140
i will add another video where i play on the Arctic map


  1. I noticed that my dark magic shark dies very quickly… can anyone pls help?

  2. I cant buy darkmagicshark so i earn runes it went on sale so wen it available in money i was surprised it take only a Penny im so very interested to tried it out bye guy

  3. It really works well i think 1.5k for dark magic is worth it🥲🥲

  4. Dark Magic is the easy and comfortable way, you can use even XXL sharks but i think that using other sharks than Dark Magic in extinction mode is just pain in the ass

    EDIT! for some reason Ubisoft removed maps from the game and i don't know why they did this but no one can use them, even people that payed for them.

  5. nedinjecijnwddijnwedijmdijmdcimjwdeinjwdrijnwdcijn says:

    actually i’ve grinded for cosmic alan in 1 day and i bought it. How i did got it in one day was becuz i always go to the artic apocalypse for 80 pearls and 80 extra pearls (ad) for each game and i always have some gems for the bonus extra 320 pearls.

  6. I found this tactic,
    U use atomic shark and you then which proceed to camp around that polluted place where there are those canisters so you can keep the shark charged at all times

  7. I need help i do not have any !! Shark besides killer whale any strats?


  9. Wow tysm finnaly can grind for the meltdown shark!

  10. If there is any other shark for best for extinction mode

  11. are the maps no longer able to get in the game? haven't seen any way to get them that's up to date.

  12. Thanks for the strat. Im able to get like 400 pearls every run on arctic but im using mecha sharkjira until i can get the dark magic

  13. Thanks! I already have that shark 🙂

  14. Dang, I managed to figure this out myself and I'm able to get Cosmic Alan, Mecha Sharkjira, and Meltdown Shark all in a span of just 1 week. Now I don't need Dark Magic Shark anymore, because Mecha Sharkjira is the best shark in the game

  15. This vid is cool make more good vids to make people happy 😁

  16. why do you want us to not go out in the water

  17. How do people survive on arctic map with 2x health drain and 2x less health, you literally die in 3 seconds if you dont eat alot fast

  18. This worked I was able to get 7000 pearls in a day! Thank you for this method.

  19. Tysm for this now i will grind alot until i have meltdown boi

  20. I actually got dark magic shark after 1 week of playing through a gem discount lol 💀, I just grinded gems on Arabian sea and bought dark magic shark for 170 gems, also, I prefer to grind pearls this way: first I grind 55 gems on Arabian sea, which should take about 20 mins with the dark magic shark, then I do a run in arctic apocalypse, then after the run, I'll get 80 pearls, then I watch the ad, which will give me another additional 80 pearls, after that I'll accept the 320 pearls offer with the 55 gems, so in total I'll get 480 gems in each run, and it only takes me half an hour to do it. Hope this helps

  21. Also I think anchident megalodon or something is the best one I survived extinction with him with no deaths

  22. Idk about yall cause once i get 180 degrees im done for

  23. Im hella late but i dont got much sharks so is alpha zombie shark better then gaïa at extinction?

  24. I think max is the best pet cuz u get 25% hp which is gud plus he can almost eat anything

  25. Hi
    As I’m a new player can you tell me what I should do I don’t have anything which you told in your video I only have atomic shark (not upgraded) please reply and btw I didn’t unlocked megaladone shark so I don’t have much options in !! tear of sharks

  26. The way I do my grinds is with meltdown. Absorbing the toxic waste and being able to move quickly ensures for a high chance of survival, not to mention the fact that it shoots bolts of energy that follow targets that have been offscreen. Maybe get the pet megaladon for a health boost and the samurai set for a decrease in health drain, on top of that get the patriotic bird to help you if you ever run out of boost.
    All other mutations are fine accept: world rotate and random boost. You're able to deal with the other ones. It you can, reroll the 2 I've just mentioned. If you get them and are unable to reroll them, stay near nuclear waste as meltdown. Or go to the right side of the map where whales, schools of tuna, GW and humans are most present if you're any other shark that cant absorb toxic waste.

  27. Wkwkwkwk nob pake mod aja biyar ulimite coins

  28. I also agree, dark magic shark is good for grinding pearls. Mecha shark is better, because of its ability you can stop health drain and if you complete the schematics you can unlock it's other ability as well

  29. Umm… What If I Dont have Dark magic shark and just have MR. Snappy?😮😢😅

  30. How do you get all your sharks to be very big

  31. i think the reason why you say don't come out of the water because dark magic shark is really bad at walking on land 😂😂😂

  32. I got Dark Magic Shark when i deleted the game and got it back, because, suprisingly, i had 600,000 something coins, so i just needed a couple hundred thousand more.

  33. The way im grinds is same but im only get 200 Pearl for 6 month but they put crazy discount in shark in every single shark 🗿

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