GREAT WHITE SHARK - Hungry Shark World - Part 9 - BIGGEST SHARK IN THE GAME?! (iPhone Gameplay) -

GREAT WHITE SHARK – Hungry Shark World – Part 9 – BIGGEST SHARK IN THE GAME?! (iPhone Gameplay)

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Lonnie plays Hungry Shark World for iPhone!
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This is part 9 of my video game commentary playthrough / walkthrough series of “Let’s play Hungry Shark World” for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and any other iOS devices.

In this episode: Don’t name your kids adjectives.

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  1. that is the prettiest GW mouth i've ever seen

  2. I'm playing this game I got the sand shark its (M)

  3. He didn't mention the purple couch! I was looking forward to that lol

  4. lonnie there a !! shark and that shark is the megalondon

  5. megaladon secret shark,must complete 200 missions to unlock it.

  6. When you have "GREAT" in your name, you can do whatever you want. I love the logic 😛 great video as always!

  7. Why not no big daddy in hungry shark world

  8. +lonniedos I have all the sharks in that game but except for the Great Hammerhead, Goblin Shark, and Bull Shark

  9. Why was there a shark cage on him when u said he doesn't fit on the screen the cage is on him

  10. +lonniedos whats the song when the shark was dancing

  11. Play with the whale shark megamouth shark basking shark tiger shark and great hammerhead shark

  12. lonniedos can you play basking shark

  13. A new shark in hurgry shark evo moby duck

  14. What is the name of the color overlay or filter ur using lonniedos?

  15. Why is it so weird to here him say fucking?

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