GIANT SQUID BOSS Vs GIANT CRAB BOSS - Hungry Shark World Vs Hungry Shark Evolution -

GIANT SQUID BOSS Vs GIANT CRAB BOSS – Hungry Shark World Vs Hungry Shark Evolution

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  1. È una bidonata, una volta arrivati al massimo mi hanno rimandato a zero.

  2. what did u use on Giant crab And made it so fast Huge hit?

  3. I thought the giant crab but now I know why the kraken is stronger because he can just flip the giant crab and then just whip the crab

  4. Actually the giant squid is collosal squid

  5. That squid is so stupid he knows that he can move

  6. if earth was kraken xD 🌏+〰=〰🌏〰

  7. why almost every shark on hungry shark world have big ass mucle ?

  8. Ok now I I am playing this game forever I had the last shark before but my phone got lost then I did it for years

  9. Team Hungry shark evo.
    Giant crab is the winner
    The crab becomes stronger everytime you kil it,
    There is not food only crabs and they are "expensive"
    And his attacks are powerfull

    Giant squid or kraken
    Only makes different attacks
    A lot of food
    His attacks aren't powerfull so he makes a lot of attacks like at the same time

    So wins Hungry shark evo
    But if they fight well its a tie

  10. the meglodon in the game is not like a meglodon shark 😕😕😕😕

  11. They need to mix hungry shark and world in one game

  12. Макка Х!арам Мадинату Мунавварагь says:

    игра какназывается

  13. Who buy the all sharks in the hungry shark evolution and hungry shark world

  14. the Colossal squid won in my opinion because
    1 it has boss music
    2 it's more harder than the crab boss
    3 it looks more badass

  15. Honestly the squid boss is pretty easy once you know what to do

  16. crabzilla is better and hungry shark evo is detter den hungry shark world

  17. I defeated all bosses and have lotion gems accounts

  18. Snap snap snap snap snapsand I'm Mr inky the killer squids I hate sharks

  19. Giant crab is better cause it can cut the tentacle of the kraken

  20. Crab would lose because it can’t cut its claws crush that’s a common mistake

  21. I beat the squid in 5 minutes with the tiger shark

  22. we need to compare sizes to say who won. First there is a sunken sub in the crab lair but there is a whale skeloton in the giant squid area, that might be a humpback whale sooooooo. the giant squid is bigger. p.s the giant squid is near New Zealand where it lives.

  23. I've killed the black and the green crab but not the blue one

  24. Giant crab is invincible except in the white part. It can run fast and it has strong pincers. It wins

  25. Its da kraken y u need blood Da giant crab to harb bras

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