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New Update from Hungry Shark World with new shark Gaia.
In this video I want to show you how to unlock Gaia in Hungry Shark World.
Gaia gameplay & All Gaia Abilities in Hungry Shark World.
I hope this video can give useful information about Gaia in Hungry Shark World.

Hungry Shark World on Google Play

00:00 Intro
00:13 How To Unlock Gaia Shark
02:05 Gaia Shark Unlocked
03:24 Gaia Shark Gameplay

Music : In-Game Music

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  1. I know it's annoying that you have to unlock Gaia with gems after saving 100 baby sharks but it's totally worth it… It's drastically better than some of the apex sharks in extiction mode.

  2. Y hove this sharks Gaia y hove but 7 years y hove but my mom put 23 in hungry shark but y like it😊❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. I’m not putting my real name in my name says:

    Is there a way to get this shark without paying 1.5k gems

  4. Why cant i die during this event? Do i need to save all 100 in one game?

  5. Btw I didn’t even collect baby sharks for them so it’s good deal

  6. There’s a sale where you can buy her for around 200 gems without even doing the he event but I just spent this time doing the event and it’s 1500 gems unfuckingbelievable

  7. I just started playing this game,do you really need to use bigger shark to be able to rescue the babies or small shark works as well? cuz ive been using the small one and explored every available area and they werent there??😅

  8. How are you playing with a controller?

  9. Bro I got Gaia 170 because just time it is on sale, got a 188 gems ik its less but yeah worth it 😃😃

  10. I got it for a deal of 88% discount:) I bought Gaia for 170 gems that’s good but the shark Is SMALL lol but it’s a incredible shark unlimited bombs fuiyo

  11. do i have to use the abyssal shark to get gaia?

  12. why do they give you the option to do it it’s hard enough by itself

  13. Javier Cilveti García, El Canal Actual de Javi Jr. says:

    The Secodontognathus is finally here in Jurassic World The Game.

  14. When i was playing hungry shark world and trying to get gaia, i was bored so i watched mukbang but when i literally checked hungry shark world, my progress was down to maybe like 26 babies
    I was literally crying so much that i had a huge progress loss and had to restart again, i literally had 73 i dont remember i think this is my amount
    I had no cure to make me happy again.

  15. Maia will be offsale for the ones who completed the event(save baby sharks)but didn’t bouth it???

  16. 𝟲𝟵𝗫𝗫𝗫.𝗦𝗜𝗧𝗘 says:


  17. Too bad it's "!!" Rank shark 😭.
    But great design tho .
    Nice video nonetheless 👌👍

  18. they made this shark from the mold of White Shark..😪🤦🤦‍♂️

  19. i never thought FGOL would add another shark to the !! tier

  20. Do you know if you can buy it regularly, not the buy now with gems way

  21. I can't login with Facebook for hungry shark

  22. i saved all baby sharks and its 1,500 gems and i have 415 to expensive

  23. Rip my !! Sharks that I grind from a year ago cuz it's weird we can't log in Facebook tho. And also it's weird that it wont let me play

  24. I really do hate how you have to unlock it by doing the challenge and you have to unlock it by Diamond

  25. ليش جواهر ابيهم يحطونها بي النقود الجواهر صعب نجيبها1500

  26. Is this shark worth? I can get it but I need to grind the 100 baby’s and it looks kinda bad

  27. Is there a way to unlock Gaia for coins or you only get her for gems?

  28. I got baby protect and I got 7 protect

  29. Not sure if any of you guys experienced this, but when I do some of the event, say 5 baby sharks, my health decreases at an EXTREMELY slow rate.

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