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Episode 12 | Megamouth Shark #NATanimals

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  1. Kwksvsba❤❤❤kw🤩👌💖💖💖😺😸🫂🫂

  2. Do you know my gosh it's such a big shark i was expecting for toy shark

  3. Megamouth shark: ❌
    Megachin shark: ✅

  4. Thick chin😂😂😂😂😂😂

    New emoji unlocked 👉 👾

  5. 🙀🙀🙀💯 Iike and sub for you gays

  6. Peces del mar rojo los tiburoncito grandecito

  7. Ther is no megalodon thats the biggest shark on the univers

  8. megamouth shark is the beast😊😊❤😂

  9. because she is nothing to attacks❤😂😂

  10. Blue shark and mako shark is the best

  11. Я думал у тебя все поставят лайки😊 поставив себя и сделай новые видео больше

  12. I want to see barking shark please i want to see both king shark please 🥺

  13. Let me see face basking shark i don't know

  14. Nobody else is talking about how the gulper shark looks cute in the photo?

  15. Front Facing Goblin Shark was just way too creepy.

  16. A whale shark is a fish not a shark Edit: it’s the biggest fish in the ocean

  17. fact about the whale shark:the whale shark is to be considered the biggest shark ever lived

  18. Its a fact megamouths are the rarest shark

  19. Zebra shark attack on Titan ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  20. He looks black
    Even though he eats plankton
    If I see that creature and I will run away

  21. That shark is really rare only 70 have been cuaght

  22. Orcas: ok guys his mouth bro bye im out

    MEGA MONTH SHARK:time to eat dolphins and orcas

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