Dark Magic Shark got 1 billion score - Hungry Shark World - hungryshark.world

Dark Magic Shark got 1 billion score – Hungry Shark World

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What’s up guys. I got a billion scores using the dark magic shark in less than a hour. This is my highest score in hungry shark world so far. But I swear there are more other hungry Sharker can beat my score.
Enjoy the video guys 😁🤟

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Love you guys !

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  1. I was using mecha shark Jira and my score went to 4,512,098

  2. The first Time i discovered your Channel, i'm amazed
    I discovered your channel with Hungry Shark World shorts.

    +1 sub, you deserve it, my Friend

  3. 51 minutes? surprised this isnt a world record. your insane dude. much love

  4. There a quest I can't do,what are the lion jelly fish and how do you complete the 500k points from one edible mission?

  5. If you play with dark magic shark in extinction mode on arctic, with some luck you’ll be getting a screen full of just point animations

  6. 🕉️ ओम नामा सिवाए says:

    I'm in 15555555555550 scero

  7. LOL his score goes brrrrrrr😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  8. Wow I tried to find a dark magic shark skin offer and found this your insane!

  9. How does ur score climb that quickly? I tried using your setup but the score climbs way slower than urs u get like 7 million points per gold rush but I only get 2 million, how do u get that many points?

  10. Someone did dark magic shark did 2 billion so not the highest score

  11. I got 906 million, that's close

  12. Wow you’re are so insane with the dark magic shark at South China Sea. I’ve been playing the Dark magic shark too at South China Sea too.

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