COSMIC ALAN UNLOCKED & COSMIC ALAN Gameplay | Hungry Shark World -

COSMIC ALAN UNLOCKED & COSMIC ALAN Gameplay | Hungry Shark World

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Cosmic Alan Finally Here !
Very deadly anything in Cosmic Alan black hole radius dissapear even white big submarine.
Cosmic Alan black hole radius keep bigger as long you keep chomping.

Hungry Shark World on Android.

Music : In-Game Music

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  1. i think you are lying its fake video there's nothing new 😡😡😡

    I will wait then

  2. Very cool i live in SEA the update still not coming out yet but i have pearl prepare for him 😀 cant wait to play him

  3. This is probably the best shark model to be inputted in the game,
    My only problem with it is that it doesn't feel like a classic FGOL shark anymore…
    I miss the old days, when everything was blue, but fun!
    R.I.P Old days…..

  4. is this even a shark at this point ?????????????

  5. Awesome bro You unlocked it
    The model of the shark is more like a praying mantis

  6. Why is this vid reminds me of the trailer :V

  7. Me molesto demasiado mas que su diseño el tiempo en el que se demoraron en sacarlo aun con el trailer

  8. Acho que e o Alan congelado evoluído de tanto ficar preso

  9. so does that mean the next shark would cost 8,000 9,000 or 10,000
    welp gotta grind fast

  10. pros: fast, has a decent health, abilities, free revive, good stats
    cons: fast health drain, gets slower when the black hole gets big, small eating range, boost regenerates super slow unless eats a turtle

  11. I wonder if I'll like Cosmic Alan. When Shin Sharkjira got released I got disappointed by the stats. But then it turned out its abilities made up for it and it was my favorite shark.. So maybe I'll like Cosmic Alan.

  12. Hungry shark world is bringing the shark from the hungry shark evolution:)

  13. Bang aku udah dapet hiu nya btw semoga cepet 100 rb Subriber

  14. Can you tell the onwer of the game tell him
    Pls add the infinity Alan is more powerful than cosmic alan

  15. i’m sad with the update they removed the bay

  16. kaka hungry shak itu yang baru apa yang lama

  17. cosmic alan: you are dead mechajira: Nani?

  18. Hey cosmic alan alredy in the shop?! In mine are not appearing

  19. I bought cosmic Alan. Now I have 110,024 more white globe thingies

  20. I wonder if there will be a discount for alan i only have 3000 pearls right now. It's gonna take some time

  21. Bro imagine ur that much of a chad that you swim in the air dont need to stay in water and control a black hole

  22. Imagine your just a shark swimming peacefully in the deep corners of the ocean then you see an alien shark who can control a fucking black hole

  23. Thanks to discount, i unlocked the Cosmic Alan!!! ❤❤❤
    ( Also, i like this version much better.)

  24. I like Hungry Shark Evolution more, they have a shark like this, but they should make the map bigger or something. It’s been the same for years

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