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In this video I want to show you how to find Alan (Hungry Shark Evolution) in Hungry Shark World.
And I think it will more interesting if I added some story in it.
I hope this video can give useful information about how find Alan (Hungry Shark Evolution) and can enjoy story I added in this video.

Cosmic Alan Ep 2:

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Music : In-Game Music

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  1. You suck at using cosmic Alan less than 100k points and already died clearly you are a pat to win guy didn’t even use your boost most of the time

  2. Como es posible un nuevo tiburón eso .. Es una locura

  3. Ohhhhh So that's still alive with his brother froze but it doesn't ?

  4. wtf he meet himself freezed on arictic ocen realy😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Me: stuck on mecha shark jira
    Meanwhile every got cosmic Alan

  6. I am in level M and I have bought sand shark for 12,000 gold

  7. Cosmic Alan: Hey brother you still alive?
    Meanwhile Alan: Help me im cold

  8. Thank you so much to get back to cosmic Alan😊

  9. Strongest shark is new cosmic alan and shin shark jira and mecha shark jira

  10. does anyone know if shin sharkjira is better than cosmic alan?

  11. Guys check my channel i upload hungry shark evolution videos

  12. Alan the destroyer of world from hungry shark Evo

  13. Cosmic Alan after finding out Alan, his bro, FROZE to his death:
    C-Alan: Brother, NOOOOOOOO!

  14. I have the cosmic Alan shark well I edited into a powerful cosmic Alan in the world. I played it and it's insane I get hardcore mode for a insane speedrun. And it's easy.

  15. My cosmic Alan!?. wait that's not mine I have one the new cosmic Alan shark it's powerful and strongest. With 3 pets! Named: Phil, chip and max.

  16. These pets help me do something.

  17. Your graphics are high you need to change it to tiny graphics to make it faster!!

  18. I grinded for one month i got a million

  19. Cosmic alan be like: yo are still even alive

  20. Kenapa alan menjadi perlahan ketika black hole dia aktif dan cepat lapar

  21. I love cosmic Allen so much, and i realized he is the most strongest character in hungry shark world

  22. Cosmic alan and meltdown shark are fast

  23. Is the frozen Alan 100x bigger than Cosmic Alan?? Because the size of Alan looks colossal in the background…

  24. new things that i noticed in this game except the new shark
    1. they bring back buzz's ability because when the shin sharkjira and splash pass update it was removed
    2. some skins graphics are changed- ace,inmate,proto-robo,frosty,the golem,neon,iron shark,sharknobi,antonio,
    3. they fixed the green propeller when equipped with veteran great white
    4. they bring back the background theme when you see your score after you play a game
    5. the lady wig was renamed to groove wig and the description is also changed
    6. they bring back the animation that whenever you equip the force field it just lights up some parts of the shark's body
    7. when Mecha Sharkjira is about to do the explosion after the atomic breath the camera zooms out so far
    8. evil mecha sharkjira doesent spawn in the right side of the map when on gold tier oftenly, he spawns randomly on the right side of the arctic apocalypse map
    9. when you scroll you sharks it is so smooth and the gameplay is also smooth

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