Big Momma Unlocked - Hungry Shark World -

Big Momma Unlocked – Hungry Shark World

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New shark Big Momma Unlocked in mobile games Hungry Shark World on Android.

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  1. i remember having big momma 2 years ago i tried logging back in but it wont :/

  2. I remember how bright each shark was, I miss that

  3. imagine every hungry shark world/evolution youtuber always puts on some pets and jetpack and stuffs but then the devolepers just go with nothing lol

  4. By the way,Basking Shark and Big Momma can fly (or lots of sharks can fly)

  5. Me no have big momma only megalodon ;-;

  6. Everytime I see a mobile game and watch a gameplay, they are totally crazy, insane fast everytime

  7. I love how he/she got all the letters in 1 second

  8. Which one is better big momma or the killer whale?

  9. I got this thing like 2 years ago

  10. LuminiteShark5.8&MechaSharkjira8.3&ShinSharkjiraV9 says:

    i both the big momma and cost you 450.000 coins and 450 gems

  11. Im waiting for this thing all day but it never 170 diamond😒😒😒

  12. The BFDI Battleing Father! And please Subscribe. says:

    Good russshh!! Time shark to eat fish and more!! 6:27.

  13. Just realized there are no big daddy in hungry shark world but we hafe a female equevelant(i dont know if i spelled that long i dont have auto correct)
    And we have no big momma in hungry shark evolution

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