ALL REGULAR SHARKS in Hungry Shark Evolution -

ALL REGULAR SHARKS in Hungry Shark Evolution

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These are currently all regular sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution.


  1. btw darkhammer is better to grind gold then mr snappy and other much sharks

  2. i grind gold with darkhammer instead of mr snappy

  3. My favorite Shark is Luminite she's new she have Sword in his nose blasting up and she breathing atomic breath in next update i hopefully i want see a new shark and unlock it with gems and now my money is ₱2053,334

  4. Megalodon and kraken 'Moby dick is oppp😍😐💙💙

  5. One of my favorites are abysshark sharkjira luminite mososarus Nessie monby white whale that's a lot

  6. me big dadder dunkleosteus cost 100.50k

  7. I like hungry shark evolution and I like all sharks in hungry shark evolution

  8. even kraken is not a shark i really like it i wish they add more like it

  9. First and the fourth dragon was like GODZILLA

  10. Kraken has the worst special skill effects on the game, and also has the worst design, like bruh his special skill was like it's spitting darts, and the eating animation doesn't even looks it's eating, they did the legendary Kraken dirty. from legendary sea monster to a fvcking squid

  11. that's nothing I have more than that money I have all the sharks 😀

  12. That is cool i want max money too

  13. 8:43 Mr.snappy and dunkleosteus Bonus: My favorite sharks si Kraken luminite sharkjira abyshark and behemoth 😀

  14. my fav is mr.snappy bc hes cute and its nostalgic shark for me

  15. Ok but is the abysshark not the demogorgon from stranger things

  16. I just killed a sharkjira a few days ago using a megalodon while gold rush

  17. sharkjira,magmajira,behemoth,leo,abysshark and abyssaurus can walk on land but mr.snappy,kraken and nessie could walk on land too!

  18. Amosta Vista bar Lage my Masterpiece like

  19. Kinda funny that all sharks are cannibals🤣🤣

  20. Nowdays, the regular sharks are not that regular: some of them have different abilities just like special sharks…

  21. Normal version of the Shark Can eat the enemy version

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