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  1. I think most of us agree that hungry shark evolution was nostalgic

  2. I redownloaded the game and I was so surprised see Godzilla lmao and the new evolved sharks I used to be scared of a enemy megalodon now I just wait for gold rush and eat him with tiger shark

  3. lucky for the guys who were able to play H.S 1 and 2 i only played 3, Evo and World still all great games and made my childhood fun

  4. First ever hungry shark brings back memories of me struggling to barely survive for 5 mins

  5. Único que habla español? 🦕

  6. Im an og of hungry shark world damn i miss connie

  7. The first game i played is hungry shark night or hungry shark 2 not the evolution

  8. The first game that i play is the hungry shark 1 and 2 when i was 4

  9. man i miss the old hungry shark, but i mean you can have a pet in the latest game of the megalodon shark

  10. I rememeber my cousin got the great white shark and i cryed to try it lol

  11. Is it just me or are the sounds from the first hungry shark really satisfying 🙂

  12. Im glad they still use the same boost sound effect till this day

  13. Dang i remember when the megalodon on HS evo used to be the strongest

  14. Bro the hungry shark night was such a nostalgia.

  15. Been here since the biggest "shark" was snappy the mosa on evo
    And hs world wasn't a thing

  16. I miss the old theme of hs evo with the largest shark being the mosa and no crazy godzilla sharks and aliens

  17. So that’s where the pet 2d Chris came from.

  18. Hungry shark evo was the best, but I liked searchinf for letters in hungry shark world 😀

  19. i remember the first ever loading screen in HSE being all the sharks lined up above the water then you have the giant fin in the background, that of a megalodon or great white idk cant remember

  20. Wait so, what are all of the names of these games? I'm familiar with Evolution and World, but the older ones and the one where you battle each other is new to me. I kinda wanna try them, but I don't know their names to download them.

  21. im pretty sure ive played the very first version twice

  22. I’m really disappointed with what they’ve done with hse, it was updated unnecessarily to a point when it doesn’t feel the same. It used to feel so premium and it had this creepy feeling which I loved. Now it feels cheap and nasty. I’ve moved to hsw again

  23. Hungry Shark Evoloution is always gonna be my favourite

  24. Still thinking that the evolution one is the best

  25. 2:22 The cool “Hungry Shark: Evolution”!
    And 4:27 is the beloved, and one and only “Hungry Shark World”!

  26. i remember playing those first games on my old kindle 😂

  27. Evolution was the first I played, but then I also discovered the first 3 games (before they got deleted from google play)

  28. I remember watching the first hungry shark videos when I was little but I started on hungry shark night first then I got all the other ones when they came out

  29. You could say it's an evolution of the series!

  30. does anyone know the name of the last hungry shark game?

  31. Yo jugaba ungry shark evolution en 2010 y no Lucía aci. -.

  32. Hungry shark evolution was actually one of first game i played if not the first game iplay on a gadget good ol days

  33. What the name of the last and the before of the last??

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