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  1. The game:Play as a dragon fighting a giant octopus.the soundtrack: 6:15

  2. Sebastian Miguel T. Bello king of kaiju and dinose says:

    bagoyee is your geogantis is weak?

  3. Im a cheater in Hungary shark all sharks unlock all

  4. I’m seeing a pattern: in hungry shark evo you kill a few big old crabs minding their own business,In hungry shark world you kill a colossal squid that has been hunted and terrorized for century’s that might I remind you is minding its own business,In hungry dragon you kill an eldritch octopus god that was minding its own business.

  5. you can't even use the atomic breath button in crab boss now-

  6. I have played all 3 games,and for me,the boss from hungry dragon is the easiest

  7. Use Buzz when battling against the squid boss

  8. The most hardest boss is octoni and the ez one is the crab

  9. it could be said that mecha jira is like a mini BOSS since it has a life bar and can only be destroyed by taking turbo against it

  10. i hac einf gems i hungry shark and hungry dragon

  11. I killed the crab boss in my first time! Using first shark:reef shark it was easy but when it's color Blu it becomes harder and when I killed black crab the boss disappeared!

  12. I forgot to keel every moster in boss before i uninstall it cuz i got every dragon dargon

  13. The crab boss is easy tbh. You can defeat it with the reef shark (if you be careful)

  14. Btw in hungry dragon, I unlocked all dragons and used an Frostbreaker from the !!! To killl the boss in hungry dragon(Octoni).(Edit): i even defeated Octoni 3 times like levels 1, 2, 3

  15. Hey Bagoyee the new video is there in YouTube for new update HSW bigger showdown teaser trailer until 5:30 PM.

  16. Where i can fight the boss in hungry shark world?

  17. Ⲩⲧⲟⳡⲕⲁ Ⲥⲟⲏⲉⳡⲕⲁ:Ⳅ says:

    Наверное ты долго играл Hungry Shark😏

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