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New Update from Hungry Shark World with new shark Abyssal Shark.
In this video I want to show you how to unlock Abyssal Shark in Hungry Shark World.
Abyssal Shark gameplay & All Abyssal Shark Abilities in Hungry Shark World.
I hope this video can give useful information about Abyssal Shark in Hungry Shark World.

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00:00 Intro
01:08 Completing Rune Abyss
04:27 Abyssal Shark Unlocked
05:37 Abyssal Shark Gameplay

Music : In-Game Music

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  1. Not a bad score.And imagine this shark with pets equipped…

  2. Apakah Saya Boleh Mengambil Thumbnail Anda Terus Saya edit!?

  3. send help (⁠╯⁠︵⁠╰⁠,⁠) says:

    But how do I get it on mobile there's no contest or event yet

    Btw moto g pure phone

  4. aw man i hate grinding for pearls, thats the only reason i dont have SSJ, cosmic alan an the new one

  5. The possibilities of this shark it's boring I rather play us Shin Sharkjira I still don't get it what does the fire magic dealt I believe if you combine both element they made abyssal shark live much longer or should say immortal since the ability can deplete faster I wish the Fire magic can atleast do meteor shower

  6. I got this shark but why it slows down after a while?Anyone have idea?

  7. I’m honestly surprised I have a higher score than you

  8. PoBoT. про по джеооми тридеш 2.2 says:

    А акула эта уменя тоже есть

  9. PoBoT. про по джеооми тридеш 2.2 says:


  10. it won’t have a discount, will it?

  11. Frick 20k and my best is only 12k for mega rush

  12. I did get 50,000,000 score with the abyssal shark with time 02.20

  13. which is better? Alan or the abyssal shark?

  14. I've played for an hour on South China Sea using Mecha Sharkjira and not collected a single rune, what am I doing wrong?

  15. Cant wait for next shark bigger and more powerful than abyssal and cosmic alan

  16. Hey, why can't I see runes and how many runes for the shark?

  17. I Dont Get It..
    How Do You Unlock It?
    Did I Miss Something?

  18. Sharkjira has gemstone laser like the abyys shark ice beam i think

  19. the requirements to get this shark is over the top you have to get 200 weird runes collect all !! sharks and then use 8k pearls

  20. Honestly, Abyssal shark may be more powerful, but cosmic alan looks cooler 😎

  21. Dark Magic Shark was already so dang OP, now this one can fly and shoot three beams at once, along with a fire force field?! Bruh… I don’t think they’ll get more powerful than that, just like DMS.

  22. Question:
    Is it possible to get it on a hacked version? If so, how??

  23. Dude for me the runes don't appear. Please help me. How do I fix this

  24. I played 6 minute and got 300 rune per Minute

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