A New Ancient Shark Appears!!! - Hungry Shark World | HD - hungryshark.world

A New Ancient Shark Appears!!! – Hungry Shark World | HD

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Theres a new Ancient shark waiting down in the depths! it’s the same one, but now looks cooler!!


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Hungry Shark World opens up a brand new adventure with addictive fast-pace gameplay, console quality graphics, multiple massive levels to explore and epic enemies to chomp down! Loads of sharks to control and more of our own special blend of FGOL humour than ever before, Hungry Shark World is the ground breaking new game that you will play until the end of time! Hope you brought your charger!



  1. The game is not working for me :c, can some one help

  2. If you cant eat those big jelly fishes, what can?

  3. I broke the world recerd lol with a 1billon score somehow? Play hungry shark again ok? But it was a glitch it happened radomly the score is 1b 128mil my time was 3weeks an 100year jk only took 50 minutes bye beaverton

  4. Gaming beaver look new shark is here go fast update hungry shark world new shark is here

  5. Once a whale shark was stuck on my tail lol

  6. Yo you need to make more hungry shark please I love your content but mostly hungry shark world

  7. Your good at playing hungry shark world

  8. It's not because you lost the n but you were on hugry

  9. The gaming beaver goes insane because it’s amazing and the gaming beaver is my favorite yutuber

  10. Hey mr beaver did you know that the kraken pet eats red jellies

  11. i name big mama xeno rock shark beacse it have a buddy in her mouth and his skull is rock and mouth

  12. I beat beaver high score

  13. I have the great white shark I think to your word is true cause if I go to the Arabian sea I level up so fast

  14. Dad is gonna be the dunkleosteus big mama don't go lost the is

  15. waiting till a king ghidorah shark comes out

  16. I'm playing hungry shark world whale shark I'm max with new skin is 5R 4rk

  17. Jurassic world the game Dunkeolusteus?

  18. In the sewer I found an atomic shark good thing I was a megladon so I was able to eat it

  19. I love dashing game sooo much good night sweet dreams 😴😘🌙

  20. Usually I have the Meltdown Shark and my score is 199,708,870

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