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10 (9) Easter eggs in hungry shark world read description

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Sry it’s 9 not ten my recording messed up and stopped recording so I made a second one but then I didn’t remember if it was nine or not forgive me anyways have fun searching


  1. I know nothing about Alan's death etc . Can anyone tell me what everyone mean by saying we will miss you Alan , rip ……… 😕. What is this all about . Please anyone explain me !☹️🤧. I wanna know

  2. 8:16 is this thing related to Algeria ?

    (i meam the 5 on that house's wall)

  3. Alan was my favorite i was so rick back there when i was a kid

  4. Alan shall be forever ever heard she sacrificed so every eating sharks can never be extinct

  5. I remember the first time I saw Frozen Alan in my mind I just thought it was like a movie crossover, it felt so epic to me

  6. Automic shark : their can only be one of us me or the meltdown shark

  7. Estaría muy pero que muy guapo que sacarán a Alan Evo en hungry shark world como lo hicieron con sharkjira

  8. I think the military killed Alan cause there was a military base

  9. Number 3 is the giant shark home right???

  10. Qqwertyuiopasdsdfgghjklzxcvbnmzxcvbnmfsbsqqqertyyuiiopasdffghjkklzxvbnnkhhfgfvgvjgjjghgj

  11. The grammar of these comments is just top notch.

    " hTi.MfTy.BaR "

    垃圾 "–LORD"

    垃圾 "–LORD"

  13. Cool vid but most of these are not really easter eggs more like secret locations,also you forgot 2 easter eggs
    1. The sunken robot in the South China Sea map
    2. The FGOL sign on top of one of the buildings next to the Sewers in the South China Sea map

  14. Fun fact hungry shark evolution is my first game i played

  15. Alan.(destroyer of worlds) r.i.p😭😭😭😭

  16. A man who awake alan in ice be like: 300 years Youve sleep enough Alan kaieru its time to awake.

  17. So sharks in evolution are 3x larger than world

  18. Me when i play hungry shark evo :it suck

    But me when playing hungry shark world:so cool its like i played this for 5 hours

  19. Hungry shark evo giant crab is in the background of I think Arabian, either that or pacific

  20. Darn Injapp advertisers don’t listen to them it’s probably a scam website they advertise on hungry shark video

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