The Hungry Shark World game tips and secrets

The Hungry Shark World game tips and secrets

Hungry Shark World game

Sad but true: most of the underwater adventures tend to be a little bit dull. But not this one! It brings a very dynamic action and not a chance you’ll get bored. Let’s brass tacks to see what is so special about this Ubisoft creation. And how you can become the best shark in Hungry Shark World! Read further to know all the secrets as well as some hints and tips. Get lost in the madness of Skibidi Toilet game!

The plot

The journey of a dangerous predator is not so easy. Consume other species to grow in size and unlock more powerful eaters. Remember you can swallow not every creature you meet. Some of them can be even a real threat to you. Look carefully after the health bar. Avoid explosive barrels thrown by helicopters and fishermen. Oh, and have fun – after all, you’re the trouble-maker of this party.

Stay high-rated

Stay high-rated

It’s hard to believe the first part came out in 2010. The series is still extremely popular. Besides the gameplay itself, here are the reasons:

  1. Awesome 3D graphics

When the real pro grasps the nettle, the result has to amaze. Graphics were one of the key points in the very beginning and have been improved since then.

  1. Regular updates

They include new modes, types of characters, interactive events, and other gems.

  1. Arcade-style fun

The pace here is so addictive. In the best traditions of the genre’s all-timers, it grips right after the first few seconds.

  1. Beautiful locations

It’s not like you get only one or two maps to explore. They are quite numerous and picturesque. Plus, you can purchase even more of them – or just stick to free ones.

  1. Good choice of platforms

The series is available on iOS, PS4, Xbox One, tvOS, Android. In 2016 it was installed 10 million times in 6 days. Seems like people really love it. Play free shark games online now on

Tricks and cheats

Tricks and cheats

  • Get an advantage over rivals

Remember? There are some foes, craving for deteriorating your health. Swim-up from behind or boost toward them. Apply this method to scuba divers, crabs, barracudas, and even fellows.

  • Boost is not only for speeding-up

Use it to increase your attack damage. It is also helpful when you jump out to grab pelicans and letters.

  • Eat the whole schools of fish

Wouldn’t it be enough to munch just a few? It will. While devouring an entire school gives you a Shoal Bonus.

Hungry Shark World video

Hungry Shark World video

Check out this video for a more detailed review:


Wonder what they all look like? Fair, especially given the fact each one has a special ability. Watch this one to find out who can freeze breath and what else they are capable of:

That’s it, now you are ready to unlock all sharks in Hungry Shark World. Good luck and have a nice meal! Experience the thrill of retro gaming with emulator games! Take a trip down memory lane as you play beloved classics from consoles like the NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis.